Story goes that math professors are very serious guys, listening to classical music. Or perhaps opera. Or why not even jazz, if they are really cool.

Completely wrong. Math is made by people, and for people, and you’re in need of music made by people, and for people.

Classical. Boy it’s been some time. I can only remember that I was preferring violin over piano. Violin was invented by God, and piano, by the Devil.

Country. I live now in the countryside, fits well with the landscape. Johnny Cash, of course. More recent: Miley Cyrus, The Petersens, Ward Thomas.

Indie. Music of my generation, when I was in my 20s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hole. Also Placebo, Moby. And Paramore, Band of Horses.

Jazz. I cannot listen to jazz any longer, can’t really do that with a glass of wine only.. Anyway. For me, it used to be John Coltrane, all the way.

Metal. Yay, used to be a metal guy in high-school, so bad that I didn’t keep pictures. So, back then, Metallica was for girls, and Slayer, for boys.

Opera. Excellent alternative to classical music, still classy, and 10 times more human. Mozart, and Wagner, and also everything by Maria Callas.

Pop. Born in the 70s, grew up in the 80s, partying in the 90s, should I say more.. From today, I like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora.

Punk. Anarchy in the UK was the anthem of my generation, no wonder the world is burning. Also the Prodigy, and Rage against the machine.

Rap. You can’t go wrong with NWA, good old gangsta. Here is as well some recent, softer stuff, by BoB and Eminem, both hugely popular.

Rock. So many choices here, and good music. From the more recent bands, I like The Pogues, and The Cranberries. Also Bruce Springsteen, Pink.

Techno. Sound of my generation too, and the Chemical Brothers used to rule. Also Underworld. And French school guys, like Laurent Garnier.